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When a Construction Accident in New Jersey Leads to Facet Syndrome

If you were injured in a construction accident in New Jersey, then you should seek legal counsel. A New Jersey construction lawyer can determine if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing.

Overview of Facet Syndrome

Back injuries are not uncommon in a construction accident. However, complications from this type of injury can develop, turning into a condition known as facet syndrome.

This is a result of joints in the back of the spine, called facet joints, degenerating. It causes pain, mostly in the area of the inflammation; however, it can spread into the buttocks and legs.
In addition, muscle spasms can also be experienced.

Treatment for Facet Syndrome

Pain medication and injections (anesthetic/steroid) are often the initial forms of treatment for facet syndrome. However, if this doesn't work, then the nerve endings to the facet joints can be destroyed through radiofrequency lesioning.

Long-term treatment is usually required in the way of physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy or manipulation.
In addition, special exercises can help the patient gain back function and flexibility.

Treatment can last months, years or even a lifetime. With all of the medical expenses that a patient can be burdened with, it may leave you wondering who will pay for them.

Compensation after a Construction Accident in New Jersey

If you were injured while on the job, then you may be entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits. However, that may not be enough to cover all of your bills and missed income. If there was a negligent third party involved in your accident, then you may be able to collect additional compensation.

It is not uncommon for there to be third-party liability in a construction accident. The property owner could potentially be held liable if the premises were unsafe or if a manufacturer could be liable if the equipment you were using was defective.

Learning what options are available after a construction accident in New Jersey, is best done by consulting with a lawyer who handles these types of claims. You could receive compensation not only for your medical expenses and lost income, but also other damages such as pain and suffering, disability, and more.

Help after Being Injured in a Construction Accident in New Jersey

If you have been severely injured in a construction accident in New Jersey, you shouldn't have to suffer and pay for expensive medical bills that were caused by another person's negligence. Contact a New Jersey construction lawyer today. We will provide a free, no obligation consultation on your case - 1-877-944-8396.

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