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Dangerous Sports Equipment Cases - What You Need To Know

Published: 6-21-2012

We help many individuals who get injured while playing sports.  There are many different types of sports accident cases such as:

  • sports equipment cases;
  • dangerous facility cases;
  • spectator injury cases; and
  • recreational activity cases.

This article will address dangerous sports equipment cases only and will answer 4 questions often asked by perspective clients about sports equipment cases.  

Question: What is a dangerous sports equipment case?

Answer: A lot of times we see cases that involve injuries resulting from dangerous or defective equipment such as helmets and other protective equipment. In these cases, it's a totally different analysis. In these cases, we engage in a totally different analysis than we do in the pure sports negligence case since the legal hurdles faced in each case are completely different.

Question: What claims are made in a dangerous sports equipment case?

Answer: Sometimes we see cases involving equipment that was designed in a dangerous fashion. Far more often, what we see are cases involving equipment that either fails under normal use or cases involving equipment that either doesn't fit the individual appropriately or was sold to the individual for a use that it really wasn't intended for.

Question: What is an example of a mismatched sports equipment accident case?

Answer: A classic example of the mismatched product is a situation in which an individual goes into a bicycle shop and asks the staff in the shop to fit them with a helmet that will protect them.  We've seen cases in which that's happened and the helmet doesn't fit them properly.  While wearing the helmet, an accident happens, and the helmet either rotates around their head or comes off their head.  The individual is then injured.  If the helmet fit the individual properly, the injury would have been prevented.

Question: Can sporting goods and equipment stores be held liable in a sports accident case?

Answer: A lot of times when we buy sports equipment at retail stores, the equipment can be assembled there at the store. Sometimes the assembly is done improperly. We've seen cases where the brake mechanisms of bicycles are not put together properly. Very serious accidents can result from that.

If you were injured in a dangerous sports equipment case, it is important that you keep the dangerous equipment so that it can be examined by an expert to see if the equipment was defective.  It is also essential that you talk to an experienced PA or NJ sports accident lawyer about your accident so a proper expert evaluation of the equipment can be conducted.

If you were in a sports accident case, you may be wondering how this accident may affect your future. Call us at 877.944.8396, and we will answer your questions.  We also offer a free, no obligation consultation.

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