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PA and NJ Car Accidents: Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Ever doze off for a split second while at the wheel? After that, you roll down the windows or turn up the music to keep yourself awake.  Many drowsy drivers in Pennsylvania think that after they catch themselves dozing off at the wheel for even a second, they will not doze off again if they roll down the window and/or blast the music.  However, they are hugely misguided. 

According to sleep experts, nodding off and then jolting awake at the wheel is the number one indicator that drivers will fall asleep again within just a couple of minutes.  Therefore, even with fresh air and loud music, drivers will nod off again.

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When drivers are drowsy, they are not as alert.  Their reaction times are delayed, and their judgment is impaired.  For example, a drowsy driver who has been awake for more than 24 hours may not notice that a light ahead has turned red as he drives through Center City, Philadelphia.  Instead of slowing down, the driver continues to drive at the same speed intending to go through the intersection.  The driver suddenly sees a pedestrian attempting to cross the street in front of his car and tries to stop his car.  Unfortunately, it is too late.  He hits the pedestrian who suffers critical injuries.

Car accidents caused by drowsy drivers result in serious injuries and even deaths.  Earlier this year, comedian Tracy Morgan was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident on the New Jersey Turnpike.  A Walmart truck slammed into the rear of Morgan's limo bus.  The Walmart truck driver was allegedly awake for more than 24 hours and caused the serious car crash.  Another passenger in Morgan's vehicle died as a result. 

Drowsy drivers who cause serious accidents and injuries may be held accountable.  Individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by drowsy drivers may file personal injury lawsuits in PA against the at-fault drivers.  

An injured car accident victim must prove that the accident was:

  • caused by the driver's negligence, and
  • the accident resulted in injuries and damages to the accident victim.

A driver's negligence can often be established through a police report, which would contain information relating to how the accident happened.  It would also contain statements from witnesses at the scene of the accident, if any.

The accident victim's injuries may be established through the victim's medical records.  In addition, lost wages or future lost wages may be established through prior tax returns, out of work papers, etc.  See a detailed discussion of how PA car accident victims can prove their past and future lost wages - Recovering Lost Wages & Future Lost Wages From The At-Fault Driver After A PA Or NJ Car Accident.

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