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Depression After Catastrophic Accidents & Injuries In Pennsylvania & New Jersey

People involved in PA and NJ accidents, such as slip and fall accidents, car or truck accidents, sports injury accidents, etc., are often injured.  Some individuals suffer serious and catastrophic physical injuries, such as loss of limbs, broken bones throughout the body, traumatic brain injury, etc.

In addition to physical injuries, victims injured in PA and NJ accidents also suffer emotional injuries, such as psychological trauma and depression.  This is especially true for catastrophically injured individuals.  Their lives are often turned upside down, and their lives are changed forever.  As a result, they cannot live the lives they were living prior to the accidents.

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Consider the following: A middle aged construction worker is catastrophically injured when he falls off a scaffold while working on a PA construction site.  He breaks his hip and fractures one of his legs in multiple places.  He needs a hip replacement and multiple leg surgeries, requiring a metal rod and multiple screws to be placed in his leg.  His recovery is long and painful. He is married and has 2 young children.

Because of his injuries, he cannot work or engage in any physical activities, such as playing sports with his young children.  After several months of being unable to do anything, he becomes depressed.

After multiple surgeries and months of physical therapy, he is told that he will never regain the mobility he had in his leg prior to his fall accident.  He can't bend deep in his leg, run or walk for a long period of time without experiencing discomfort and pain in his leg.  He will require a cane to walk for the rest of his life. 

In addition, he cannot return to his job as a construction worker due to the physical demands of the job.  He has no other work experience other than working as a construction worker and has to figure out what he can do the rest of his life.  Not knowing what he can do to provide for his family, he becomes even more depressed and feels hopeless.  He starts to have mood swings and becomes withdrawn from his family and friends.

He is profoundly affected and needs psychological therapy to help him work through his depression and psychological issues he is experiencing.

In such cases, injured individuals may be compensated for these emotional injuries, as well as for their physical injuries.  Therefore, it is important to talk to a personal injury lawyer about these emotional issues when deciding to pursue a lawsuit.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can help victims quantify the extent of emotional injuries, as well as physical injuries, and seek awards to cover these damages in a lawsuit.

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Help For Those Catastrophically Injured After Accidents In Pennsylvania & New Jersey

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