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New Jersey DUI Laws (Part B)

Dos and Don'ts After a DUI Accident in New Jersey

A few other things you can do to protect your New Jersey personal injury claim include:

  • Do - call 911.
  • Do - get medical attention and follow all of your doctor's orders.
  • Do - try to jot down the license plate number of the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident.
  • Do - contact your New Jersey personal Injury lawyer. 

Just as there are some things you should do to protect your personal injury claim after a DUI accident in New Jersey, there are some things you should not do.

This includes:

  • Don't - try to move your vehicle, unless it is absolutely necessary for safety reasons.
  • Don't - put yourself at risk for additional injury by standing in traffic.
  • Don't - leave the scene of the New Jersey DUI accident until you are advised to do so by police.
  • Don't - discard any evidence, such as damaged clothing.
  • Don't - let any insurance company talk you into a settlement before you have consulted with a New Jersey personal injury lawyer. 

By adhering to the above dos and don'ts, you will be able to help your New Jersey personal injury lawyer put forth a strong personal claim on your behalf.

Your personal injury claim may even benefit from the fact that New Jersey DUI laws are not taken lightly.
Offenders face steep surcharges and other penalties, but their conviction of a DUI related to your accident may also help support your ability to prove that driver's negligence.

Despite the tough New Jersey DUI laws, DUI accidents in New Jersey still occur. Speaking to a New Jersey personal injury lawyer who has experience representing DUI victims can help you learn more about your legal options. 

Contacting a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been severely injured in a New Jersey DUI accident, you shouldn't have to suffer and pay for expensive medical bills that were caused by another person's negligence. Contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer at White & Williams LLP today. We will provide a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your case - 877-944-8396.

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