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Food Allergy Cases & Lawsuits - 19 Year Old Dies From Peanut Reaction

Last month, a 19 year old sophomore from Oakland University died after suffering a severe allergic reaction to peanuts.

According to news reports, the 19 year old was at a friend's home and accidentally came into contact with peanut butter.  He was found in the parking lot of a hospital after attempting to drive himself to the hospital for emergency care.  He went into anaphylactic shock and had an asthma attack.  He then went into cardiac arrest and fell unconscious in the hospital parking lot. He was in a coma for seven days and died thereafter.  *Source: www.peanutallergy.com (Oakland University Student Dies From Peanut Reaction)

According to his mom, the 19 year old was at a friend's apartment, and someone had baked peanut butter cookies.  He either ate food that came in contact with the cookies or someone who was contaminated by peanut butter residue touched him.  When he started to have an allergic reaction, he injected himself with an EpiPen and attempted to drive himself to the hospital.

The 19 year old was diagnosed with a level six nut allergy when he was 2 years old.  Level six is the most severe form of the allergy.  Because of his severe allergy to nuts, school officials accommodated him and made the district peanut free when he went to school. Unfortunately, he was bullied by both parents and students who blamed him for the peanut restrictions.

People need to be educated about food allergies and how severe they can be.  People are often skeptical and may say "it can't be that bad." But the reality is, it can.  A couple months ago, a little girl started having a severe allergic reaction on a plane when another passenger decided to open up a bag of peanuts even though an announcement was made asking passengers not to eat any peanuts while on the plane.

See Food Allergy Cases & Lawsuits - Girl Suffered Severe Allergy Reaction After Inhaling Peanut Particles On An Airplane.

There have been lawsuits across the country against restaurants, schools, etc., for accidentally exposing a customer or student to a food allergen such as peanuts.   In fact, we recently helped a woman who was exposed to mushrooms at a restaurant after she told the staff that she was allergic to mushrooms.

Around this time of the year, there are many parties and events where food is served.  The hosts or establishments serving food need to make sure they know the guests' food allergies.  If there are guests with certain food allergies, it is important to take precautions so that the guests are not exposed to the food allergens. 

Help After Accidental Exposures To Food Allergens In PA Restaurants & Schools

If you were exposed to a food allergen due to the negligence of a restaurant, bar, school, etc., you have legal rights.  Call our personal injury lawyers who are licensed in PA and NJ to schedule a FREE consultation. 877.944.8396


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