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PA Sidewalk Accidents & Injuries Due To Falling Building Parts

When pedestrians walk on the streets in Philadelphia, they rarely think they may be injured by falling debris or parts of a building.  They may be cautious of where they are walking because trip, slip and fall accidents are common for pedestrians; therefore, pedestrians will avoid pot holes, obstructions, etc.

However, pedestrians may also be injured by falling debris or parts of a building.  For example, a pedestrian walking by a building construction site in Center City that does not have proper construction site barriers and barricades may be injured by falling debris.

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Sometimes, buildings that are old and/or not properly maintained may also have decorative parts that fall off the buildings and therefore, are dangerous to unsuspecting pedestrians.

Parts of 2 Buildings In Philadelphia Fall Onto The Streets In Recent Months

Earlier this month, a 25 foot concrete beam fell to the ground from the 4th floor of a parking garage in Philadelphia.  The beam was a decorative beam and did not support any part of the building.  Fortunately, there were no injuries.  *Source: www.philadelphia.cbslocal.com (Concrete Beam Falls From Center City Building)

The manager of the building suspects that the reason the beam fell was due to the rust in the connector.  In addition, he states that the tremendous moisture over the winter and the heavy rains earlier this month may all have been factors contributing to the rusting.

Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspections Department is investigating the cause of the beam falling, as well as architects and engineer for the building.

Another similar incident happened back in April.  A ceramic decorative mural made of tiles fell off the side of a building in Chinatown.  The tiles cracked and fell in pieces onto the street in the early morning hours.  Fortunately, no one was injured.  *Source: www.philly.com (3-story building mural falls onto Chinatown street)

If these 2 incidents happened during the day, there may have been a lot of pedestrians injured and seriously hurt.  Pedestrians may have sustained serious head injuries by the tiles and beam.

Would the injured pedestrians have legal rights?  The answer is yes; however, a thorough investigation would be needed.   For example, when was the beam last inspected? Were there any rusting issues with the connector when the beam was inspected?   If so, did the building management do anything about it?  If the building management did nothing about the problem, then the building would be liable for the pedestrians’ injuries because it knew that the connectors needed to be changed. 

In the mural situation, investigation may reveal that the wrong type of adhesive was used for outdoor tile mural, and the company that put up the mural may be liable for the pedestrians’ injuries.

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