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Food Allergy Cases – Be Careful Of Fried Foods In Restaurants & Diners

Parents who have kids with food allergies need to be extra cautious when eating out at restaurants.  The restaurants need to know about the children’s food allergies, and parents need to talk to the staff to make sure that the wait staff and chef understand the severity of their children’s food allergies.  Some children may become severely sick and go into anaphylactic shock after a minimal amount of exposure to a food allergen.

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Restaurant Fryers – Parents Beware

When eating in a restaurant, parents need to be careful when they order fried foods for their child who has a food allergy.  Many children like French fries, which are cooked and fried in oil.  If the oil used to cook an order of French fries is also used to cook an order of fried shrimp previously, a child with a shellfish allergy can have a severe allergic reaction after eating the French fries.

Similarly, if the French fries were cooked in the same oil that cooked breaded chicken or fish, a child with a dairy or wheat allergy may get sick and have a severe allergic reaction.  The bread crumbs used on the chicken and fish may have milk and wheat in them which trigger an allergic reaction.

Some restaurants may use peanut oil to make fried foods.  Further, some restaurants use oil blends, and the oil blends may have peanut oil in it.  A child with a peanut allergy can have a severe allergic reaction after eating something he thought didn't have peanuts in it, like French fries.

What can parents do to prevent this from happening?  Parents can carry a chef card to give to the wait staff and chef.  The card explains the child’s food allergy and how a minimal amount of exposure may trigger a severe allergic reaction.  Parents need to find out if the fried food they are ordering for their child is cooked in any shared oil or peanut oil.

Other types of fried foods that parents should be careful about are pastries, cakes and other snacks like donuts.  If the glazed donut is fried in the same oil that was used to prepare a peanut covered donut, then a child with a peanut allergy may go into anaphylactic shock or even die after consuming the glazed donut, which had traces of peanuts.

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Though not every child with a food allergy has a severe allergy reaction after being exposed to the food allergen, for those with severe food allergies, eating the slightest trace of a food allergen can cause a potentially life threatening or fatal reaction.   Therefore, it is important for restaurant wait staff, chefs, etc., to be very careful and take food allergies seriously.

When restaurants, caterers, etc. do not take food allergies seriously, the results are disastrous.  If a customer has a severe or fatal allergic reaction, the restaurant may be accountable for the customer’s injuries and damages. 

If you or a loved one suffered a severe allergic reaction after being exposed to a food allergen due to someone’s carelessness, call Daniel J. O’Brien, a PA and NJ personal injury lawyer, to discuss your legal rights.  Mr. O’Brien always offers a FREE consultation. 877.944.8396

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