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Furniture Tip-Over Accidents – What Parents Need To Know - By A PA & NJ Personal Injury Lawyer

In the news a couple of weeks ago, there was a Philadelphia, PA area mother who shared her son’s story with a local reporter in hopes of saving other children’s lives.  It has been 2 months since her son passed away, and the details of the accident are still vividly fresh in the mother’s mind.

Her son was 2 years old when he passed away, and he died after a dresser tipped over and fell on top of him.  *Source: www.myfoxphilly.com (A Grieving Mother Shares Her Son's Story In Hopes Of Saving Lives)

In February of 2012, the mother went up to get her son in the morning as she always did and found her son under the dresser.  His head was poking out from under the dresser in his room.  The bedroom dresser had tipped over.  She believes that her son climbed up on the dresser and the dresser tipped over and trapped him.  By the time the 2 year old toddler was sent to the hospital, it was too late.  The boy had already passed away.

The boy’s mother is sharing her son’s story because she wants other parents to be aware of furniture tip-over accidents and that there is an easy fix to the problem.  Dressers can be anchored to the wall with furniture straps or furniture anchoring kits.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that more than 43,000 consumers are injured each year in tip-over incidents. More than 25,000 of those injuries are to children under the age of 18.  According to the CPSC, a child dies every two weeks when a television, a piece of furniture or an appliance falls on the child.

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Are There Any Legal Options After A Furniture Tip-Over Accident?

Some parents of kids who are injured in a furniture tip-over accident may think that they have no legal recourse because their child climbed on the furniture to cause the furniture to tip over.  This is not true.  Injured children have legal rights and may be able to recover financial compensation for the injuries and damages they sustained.

Furniture Defect

If the furniture was defective or made in such a way that it is unstable and tips over easily, parents of the injured child may bring a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of their child, i.e., a products liability or dangerous products lawsuit.

Furniture Safety Device Defect

Furniture can be anchored to the wall with wall anchoring brackets or other devices to prevent the furniture from tipping over.  However, if the anchoring device is defective, the manufacturer of the device may be liable for any injuries to a child that resulted from a furniture tip-over accident.

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