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Gyms, Community and Recreation Centers Have the Duty to Supply Proper Equipment and Facilities to Protect Patrons from Injuries

Many people go to the gym, community center or recreation center to work out and get in better shape.  Unfortunately, sometimes members or patrons leave in worse shape; they get hurt and injured due to unsafe equipment and/or facilities.

Examples of unsafe equipment or facilities can include:

  • improperly installed gym equipment;
  • improperly modified equipment;
  • old and out of date equipment; and
  • leaky roof in the gym causing members to slip and fall.

In Pennsylvania, facilities such as gyms, community and recreation centers have the duty to provide proper equipment and safe facilities to protect patrons and members from getting hurt and sustaining injuries.  They need to take reasonable steps to protect members against risks.

In order to meet that duty, the gyms can take certain steps to lower the chances of members being injured by doing the following:


  • buying the best equipment and facilities available from reliable suppliers;
  • not modifying equipment;
  • systematically evaluating all equipment;
  • systematically inspecting the facilities for any dangers such as a leaky roof or faulty stairs; and
  • having trained staff to safely advise members on the proper use of equipment.

If gyms, community and recreation centers do not meet that duty, then the following claims, among others, can be made by the injured member/patron:



  • failing to properly install equipment;
  • failing to properly maintain equipment;
  • failing to systematically inspect equipment;
  • failing to systematically inspect the facilities for dangerous conditions; and
  • failing to have procedures to inspect the facilities and equipment for dangers.

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