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What College Football Players Should Know About Hits, Concussions & Brain Injury

There has been an increasing concern about NFL football players sustaining concussions and brain injuries due to hits in the game.  This issue has gained more attention due to recent media coverage and the recent lawsuit filed by former football players against the NFL alleging that the NFL knew there were links between football-related head trauma and permanent brain injuries and failed to take appropriate action.

However, did you know that college football players often sustain concussions and brain injuries like the NFL players?  In fact, did you know that college football players take more hits to the head than professional football players?

The majority of hits, about 60-75%, sustained by players, both college and professional, are during practice. 

brain injury in football|PA NJ Sports Injury LawyerLast year, the NFL Player Association, the union for the players, and the NFL agreed that there can only be one contact practice per week to protect players from concussions.

In college football however, there are 3-4 practices a week, and each practice is a contact practice.  Therefore, college football players are taking more hits than professional football players.

So what is the NCAA doing to protect its players? At this point in time.  Nothing.  They have not taken steps to change the number of full contact practices per week like the NFL.

What does this mean for the college players?  More hits mean a greater chance of health problems and cognitive problems down the road.  Unless NCAA changes its rules as well, football players are likely to continue to experience complications at a young age.

The hits these college players sustain during college may cause traumatic brain injuries which affect their memories.

Other complications include personality disorders or even developing ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

It seems that NCAA is exposing itself to liability.  If the NFL is being sued by its former players with traumatic brain disorders or cognitive problems, couldn't the NCAA be sued by former college players?

In this case, there seems to be more of an argument that NCAA knew there were links between football-related head trauma and permanent brain injuries and failed to take appropriate action by cutting down contact hit practices.

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