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Food Allergy Lawsuits & Cases - Allow Allergic Children To Carry EpiPens At A Young Age

Children with severe food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, shell fish, etc. may have serious and sometimes fatal allergic reactions.  They may go into anaphylactic shock if they are exposed to the allergen. 

Parents whose kids have severe food allergies understandably want to protect their children and prevent accidental exposures.  Parents may go to great lengths to protect their children.  Some parents prefer to make all of their children's meals and make every meal from scratch.  Some parents may even avoid dining out altogether.  This way, there is no anxiety about accidental exposures because mistakes, such as cross-contamination, do happen even when a restaurant is aware of the child's severe allergy.

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Parents also carry EpiPens for their children wherever they go.  When parents can't be with their children, such as when they are at school, they make sure schools have EpiPens in the event of an emergency.

Sometimes parents are so focused on what they can do to protect their children that they forget to talk to their children about their allergy and teach them the necessary precautions.  Therefore, when the child gets older and goes out on his own, he may not exercise all of the precautions that prevent accidental exposures.

Parents should talk to their children about their allergy even at a young age and teach them what they can do to protect themselves.  One thing parents can start doing is let their children carry their own EpiPens at a young age.  This way, they understand the importance of having EpiPens with them at all times.  In addition, it also lets them get used to carrying EpiPens.  Of course, parents should also carry EpiPens as well when they allow their young children to carry EpiPens because there will be times they will forget.

Help After Suffering A Severe Allergic Reaction Due To Accidental Exposure

Unfortunately, no matter how cautious parents are or how responsible children are, children with food allergies may accidentally be exposed to the food allergen, i.e., peanuts, tree nuts, etc., and go into anaphylactic shock.  The accidental exposures may be due to the restaurants or schools' negligence.   When this happens, restaurants/schools may be liable for the accidental exposures.

If you or your child suffered anaphylactic shock due to a restaurant or school's negligence, call the personal injury lawyers at White and Williams. 877.944.8396

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