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What You Need To Know About Industrial Machinery Accidents In PA & NJ (Part A)

As an industrial machinery accident lawyer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, I represent many workers who get injured while on the job.  One type of work injury I often see is when a machine operator is injured by an industrial machine.

Machine Guarding: Common Legal Issues In Industrial Machinery Accident Lawsuits

There are many reasons why an industrial machinery accidents happen, such as:

  • design defects with the machine;
  • improper guarding and safeguarding devices;
  • improper lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures; or
  • defective jog controls.

Machine guarding is probably the one issue that gets litigated the most in industrial machinery cases.

A lot of machine guarding looks great on paper or when the machine is sitting in a showroom.  The machine guarding also looks good when it is brand new and sitting in the plant, not being used.

Unfortunately, how the machine guarding looks on paper or how it looks in the showroom really has no importance at all. It is how it functions in the real world that is important.

If the machine guarding cannot perform its job to protect machine operators from injuries while the machine is running, then the machine guarding might as well not exist.

Click here to read Part B of this article, which discusses how machine guards cause injuries to machine operators.

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*Published: 10-25-12

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