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Defective Products and Serious Personal Injuries

Thankfully, a good portion of the products we use on a daily basis are reasonably constructed and perfectly safe. But once in awhile, mistakes are made which can lead to the design, manufacture and selling of defective products. Defective products are not only an inconvenience, but can cause serious injury, or even death.

An Overview of Product Liability and Defective Products

If you've been seriously injured, disfigured or suffered a severe, life-altering illness because of a defective product and you are unsure how you are going to address the resultant medical expenses, start by contacting a Philadelphia product liability lawyer.

A lawyer with experience in product injury claims can work with you to determine issues of negligence and liability in your defective product case. They will have the experience necessary to closely examine what led to your injuries and whether you are entitled to any compensation.

Types of Product Liability Claims

A personal injury lawsuit stemming from a defective product is known as a product liability claim. There are several primary categories under which defective products and product liability cases will fall:

Defect in Design:
This applies to products that, by their very design, are harmful or dangerous when used as intended.

Manufacturing Defect:
To prove that a manufacturer defect was the cause of the defective product and your injuries, your lawyer must show that the manufacturer committed a critical error during production and that they are liable for the defective product.

Defect in Marketing:
If the product that caused your injury was improperly packaged or marked with inaccurate directions for safe use, or was devoid of sufficient safety warnings and guidelines, you may be able to prove that a defect in marketing caused your injury.

Other Aspects of Product Liability

Depending on the evidence and circumstances of your defective product claim, your Philadelphia product liability lawyer may also choose to pursue one of the other aspects of product liability claims:

Strict Liability:
This places the burden of liability for the defective product and any resultant injuries square on the manufacturer or retailer's shoulders.

Breach of Warranty:
If the defective product that caused your injury was under manufacturer warranty, the product defect constitutes a violation of that warranty.

To prove negligence, your Philadelphia product liability lawyer will have to demonstrate that one or more parties involved with the defective product failed to act with due diligence to protect consumers from harm. 

Contacting a Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyer

Product liability claims can be very complicated and may involve more than one defendant, which may or may not be headquartered within your same state. That's why it's crucial to secure the services of a Philadelphia product liability lawyer who has experience in these types of cases and has the knowledge and experience to identify and track down all responsible parties.  

 A Philadelphia product liability lawyer at White & Williams LLP can help you determine issues of liability in a defective product claim and fight for the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today - 1-877-944-8396.

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