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PA Bar Fight & Brawl Lawsuits - Innocent Bystander's Legal Rights (Part 1)

Bar and club fights or brawls happen all the time.  When patrons have too much to drink, they may become belligerent and get into fights with other patrons.  Not only do the patrons in the fight get hurt, innocent bystanders may also get hurt.  That is what happened to one of our clients.

Our client was a 23 year old young woman who went to an Irish bar in Philadelphia to celebrate a friend's birthday one night in the summer.  On the same night, a 19 year old and her friend got bored and decided to try to get into a bar.  The friend knew the owner of the Irish bar and told her friend that they wouldn't get carded if they went there.  The girls went in through the front door of the pub and were not carded.  They walked up to the bar and ordered Long Island Iced Teas.  Again, they were not carded.  The 19 year old proceeded to drink 4 Long Island Iced Teas and became drunk from the alcohol. 

Prior to this night, the 19 year old had never been served alcohol at a bar.  She did not react well to being drunk.  She got into a series of verbal altercations, then physical altercations, which over the course of the evening escalated into a full blown fist fight, resulting in total chaos inside and outside the pub.

It all started when she dropped her purse in the toilet in the lady's bathroom.  She spent an inordinate amount of time in the lady's room fishing her possessions out of the toilet.  Because she was in there for so long, other patrons began banging on the bathroom door. 

When she finally opened the door, she exchanged some curse words with the people waiting in line. As the night went on, she got into a series of verbal altercations with other female patrons at the bar.  She was visibly intoxicated. 

However, the bar continued to serve her alcohol while she was visibly intoxicated and causing trouble.  The pub employees didn't do anything to control the situation.  They never stopped serving her alcohol and never asked her to leave. She got into a fight with another patron, and the bartenders stayed behind the bar and did nothing.  Rather, other patrons took the girls outside the bar.  Despite the chaos, the bar owner and employees never called the police.

Just when the fight outside the bar became chaotic, our client decided to leave the bar.  As she stepped through the threshold of the door onto the sidewalk, she was punched squarely in the nose by the 19 year old patron. 

Continue to part 2 of this article which discusses the parties responsible for this unfortunate incident that happened to our client.

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