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What You Need to Know if You Fell Down a Stairway in Your Apartment Building

Falling or slipping down a stairway can cause serious injuries, such as:

  • fractured ankle,PA & NJ Stairway Accident Lawyers|PA NJ trip and fall accident lawyers
  • fractured hip,
  • broken nose, or
  • fractured wrist or arm.

Stairway accidents happen in various places.  One place a stairway accident can occur is in the common area of an apartment building.  If you slipped or tripped on a stairway in your apartment building, your landlord may be responsible for your injuries.

Landlord's Duty to Inspect for Danger

Pursuant to Pennsylvania case law, a landlord has the highest duty to protect his tenants from dangerous conditions in common areas.  This duty includes the duty to inspect the premises for dangerous conditions and hidden dangers.  Argo v. Goodstein, 438 Pa. 468, 265 A.2d 783 (1970).

Injured Tenant Must Prove Notice

The injured tenant who fell or slipped on a stairway in an apartment building must also prove that the landlord had notice of the dangerous condition in order to hold the landlord liable for his injuries.

There are 2 types of notice: 1. actual notice; and 2. constructive notice.  A landlord had actual notice when he actually knew that the stairway was defective or posed a dangerous risk to his tenants. A landlord had constructive notice when he should have known about the dangerous stairway because he failed to conduct a reasonable inspection of the apartment building.

Help After Falling Down A Dangerous Stairway

Injuries from a stairway accident can be devastating.  It can turn your life upside down.  You shouldn't have to suffer because of your landlord's negligence. It is important to talk to an experienced PA and NJ trip and fall accident lawyer that is experienced in stairway accidents if you had such an accident.  Feel free to contact our lawyers at White and Williams for more information @ 877.944.8396.

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*Published: 9-10-12

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