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Trench Collapse Accidents and Injuries in Pennsylvania (Part A)

Trenches are a necessary part of construction work, especially when power lines need to be installed, and a trench collapse in Pennsylvania is a common cause of construction work injuries.

The results, which can be potentially fatal, include:

  • asphyxiation;
  • inhalation of toxic fumes;
  • suffocation from the weight of the soil;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • drownings;
  • electrocutions; and
  • explosions. 

You could also be at risk for spinal cord trauma, broken bones and soft tissue damage after a trench collapse in Pennsylvania. 

If you have been injured in a trench collapse in Pennsylvania, you should speak with a Philadelphia construction accident lawyer even if you have filed a Workers' Compensation claim. Your Philadelphia construction accident lawyer might be able to help you pursue compensation from any third parties, such as equipment manufacturers, who might have contributed to your injuries.

Causes of a Trench Collapse in Pennsylvania

A trench collapse occurs when the walls supporting a trench lose stability and topple into the trench. Any construction workers in the trench could become trapped or crushed.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has regulations in place for the safe construction and operation of trench systems. When those regulations are ignored, a trench collapse in Pennsylvania can occur.

If a trench is not properly dug and secured, it has a high risk of collapsing and causing injury. Therefore, construction workers should be trained in the safe operation and maintenance of trench systems.

Natural occurrences, such as flash floods and mudslides, can also lead to a trench collapse in Pennsylvania. Such occurrences can't be prevented but your employer should cease work when conditions are unfavorable.

After you receive medical care for injuries suffered in a trench collapse, a Philadelphia construction accident lawyer will go over your case to determine which parties should be held accountable.

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