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Lack Of Proper Supervision In Organized Team Sports Can Cause Injuries To Players In PA & NJ

For many middle and high school children, playing and participating in a sport after school is part of their daily routines.  These sports or recreational activities often include football, baseball, gymnastics and soccer.  As parents, we are trusting the coaches to properly supervise our children in order to avoid the risk of injury.  When the children are inadequately supervised while they are on the field, accidents can happen.  As a result, the participants and players can be injured.

General Supervision Vs. Specific Supervision In Sports

Some sports require general supervision, and some sports require specific supervision.  General supervision typically applies to sports that have lower risk of injuries, such as tennis.  For example, during a tennis practice, the coach may just walk around to observe how the players are doing; this is general supervision. 

Specific supervision typically applies to high-risk activities such as gymnastics.  For example, in a beginner gymnastics class, the children learn how to tumble, which requires the coach’s close supervision.  The coach needs to be next to the child and show him how to tumble properly.

When Injuries Happen - Lack Of Supervision

When general or specific supervision is not provided, players are more likely to get hurt.  One mistake coaches make is after practice, they let the players stay on the field to run a few plays or practice with each other. While the players are practicing, the coach cleans up the equipment or goes back to the locker room.  The coach’s attention is not on the players, and as a result, players get hurt.

Consider the following situation.  A coach lets lacrosse players run a few plays after practice is over while he cleans up.  The coach does not notice that the players took off their helmets because his back is turned to them.  One of the players hits the other player in the head with the stick in an accident.  From the forceful hit, the player sustains a serious brain injury.  The player in this situation got hurt because of the coach’s negligence.  He allowed the players to practice without his supervision.

Proper supervision, at all times, is important to avoid sport accidents and injuries.  It is that simple.

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Help After A Sports Injury Due To Lack Of Supervision

If your child was injured while participating in an organized team sport due to a lack of proper supervision, your child may be entitled to compensation.  Feel free to contact the PA and NJ sports injury lawyers at White and Williams LLP.  Daniel J. O’Brien, who has been an athlete all his life, has helped players who sustained sports injuries due to lack of supervision. Mr. O’Brien offers a free initial consultation.  Call 877.944.8396.

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