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Liability Beyond The Dog Owner: Other Parties May Be Responsible For Your Injuries From A Dog Bite/Attack (Part D)

Other Parties Such as Landlords, Dog Walkers, or Dog Sitters May Be Liable

Parties such as landlords may also be responsible for a victim's injuries sustained in a dog attack.  Serious unprovoked dog attacks can be the result of the following:
  • landlords who fail to act when a tenant keeps a dangerous dog in an apartment complex, and
  • a leash that breaks or an electric fence that malfunctions.
There are many other actors who come into contact with the dog who may act negligently in such a way as to contribute to an unprovoked attack.  For example, professional dog walkers or dog sitters are under an obligation to keep the dog under control.

Landlords in multifamily housing units, such as apartment complexes, have a duty to maintain a safe living environment for their tenants. If they fail to take reasonable action after having notice that a dangerous dog is present within the housing complex, the landlord may be responsible in part for an attack by that dog.

Many products are sold with the intent that they be used to control or retain a dog --   leashes, leads, harnesses, invisible fencing systems, etc. If one of these problems fails or malfunctions and that leads to an attack, the manufacturer and/or supplier of that product may be liable for the resulting attack.

It is important to talk to an experienced PA & NJ dog bite personal injury lawyer to determine all the possible liable parties in a dog bite case.

For more information about other possible liable parties, see Liability Beyond The Dog Owner: Other Parties May Be Responsible For Your Injuries From A Dog Bite/Attack (Part A), Part (B) and Part (C). Please also see our legal article for more information about Pennsylvania and New Jersey dog bite law and steps in a serious injury dog bite lawsuit.

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