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Exceptions to the Left-hand Accident Rule in Philadelphia (Part A)

When you have been injured in a left-hand accident, you might assume that the driver who made the left-hand turn will be automatically found at fault. While most times this is true, there are exceptions. To determine liability in an accident turning left, it is best to speak with a Philadelphia auto accident attorney.

Intersections are the most common places for accidents to happen. Philadelphia has its own share of dangerous intersections, some of which include Red Lion Road and Roosevelt Boulevard, Spring Garden Tunnel, and 12th and Spring Garden. 

Exceptions to Left-hand Rule 

The law is that approaching traffic has the right of way. One exception to this would be if the driver who was turning left did so on a green arrow. Oncoming traffic should be stopped by a red light.

When there isn’t a green arrow, and a driver is making a left-hand turn, the law is that the driver must yield to oncoming traffic. The driver should be able to see any approaching vehicles and only proceed when it is safe.

Exceptions to this might be if the oncoming driver was speeding. Let’s say you were making a left-hand turn at Grant and Roosevelt Boulevard. You have checked for approaching traffic and saw that it was clear. If another vehicle is speeding and flies through the intersection, striking you, the driver may be found at fault. 

It can sometimes be a challenge to establish liability in a left-hand accident. There may be other variables factored in, which is why if you were seriously injured in an accident turning left, it is best to contact a Philadelphia auto accident attorney. An attorney can investigate the details of your accident to try and determine liability. 

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