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What To Do If Your Child Is Injured In A Dog Bite Attack (Part B)

Determine Who Owns the Dog Involved in the Attack 

The police, Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement and your dog bite lawyer will all need the complete name, address and phone number of the owner of the dog involved in the attack against your child. If you're unsure of who owns the dog, write down as many details of the dog as you can, including:


  • the breed of the dog
  • size
  • markings
  • whether it was wearing a collar
  • the location (including county and township) where the attack occurred


When your child is injured, emotions run high. Even if you know the owner of the dog involved in the attack-say, for instance, it was your neighbor's Alaskan malamute that bit your child's face, causing disfiguring scars to the nose and lip-do not attempt to engage them in a conversation or argument about what happened. Leave that to the police and your Philadelphia dog bite lawyer.

Document Your Child's Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries can be quite severe, and can lead to scarring and permanent disfiguration
, as well as the psychological ramifications associated with such a traumatic event. The medical bills that accompany a dog attack can quickly spiral out of control, and you'll want to provide your dog bite lawyer with an accurate idea of the damages inflicted by the attack.

In order to build a successful child injury claim, you will need to document your child's injuries as soon as possible after the attack. This documentation includes:


  • photographs of the injuries
  • hospital reports
  • medical bills
  • doctor's observations


Provide your child's dog bite lawyer with this information in a timely manner.

Tend to Your Child's Physical and Emotional Injuries

Dog bite injuries are most likely to occur on the face, particularly the lips, nose and cheeks
. If your child has suffered scarring or disfigurement to his or her face it's likely that you will want to explore the option of plastic surgery to address the problem. If the dog bite was especially severe (for instance, the bite occurred on the neck) or led to infection, your child may even require hospitalization before being able to experience a full recovery.

In addition to their physical injuries, your child is likely to incur emotional consequences as well
, including anxiety, depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTS). A child psychologist can help you and your child cope with the after-effects and fears associated with a dog bite injury.

A Philadelphia injury lawyer at White & Williams LLP can work with you to ensure that your child's needs are met in a timely and compassionate manner. We will provide a free, no obligation consultation on your case and help you get back what you've lost - 1-877-944-8396.

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