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Determining Liability with an Attorney in Philadelphia after a Factory Accident (Part A)

Thousands of Americans report to work in factories every day. However, factories can be hazardous places to work and businesses have a responsibility to create safe environments for their employees. If you were injured on the job a liability attorney in Philadelphia could help you pursue compensation for your factory accident in Pennsylvania.

Common Causes of Factory Accidents

Because heavy machinery and toxic chemicals are often involved in factory work, the risk for an accident in Pennsylvania factories is higher than in most occupations. Some of the ways workers are injured on the job: 
  • unclean and slippery floors;
  • obstructions in the working environment such as tools, machinery, equipment, etc.;
  • exposed moving parts on heavy machinery;
  • inappropriate gear; and
  • fatigue from long hours or hard manual labor. 
Your employer has a legal obligation to protect your safety while you are working. If health and safety problems go unnoticed or uncorrected serious injuries and even death can result. If you were injured at work because of your employer’s negligence, you could be eligible to file a claim and receive compensation for your damages with the help of a liability attorney in Philadelphia.

How to Avoid a Factory Accident in Pennsylvania

There are precautions you can take at work to help avoid factory accidents that may cause you injury, which include: 
  • keeping floors cleans and free of slippery or toxic chemicals;
  • cleaning up tools and pieces of equipment that may cause a trip or fall;
  • covering exposed parts on machinery with safety guards or posting signs alerting users to the dangerous areas; and
  • wearing proper clothing and footwear 
If your employer fails to take these precautions and you are involved in a work accident because of it, you should contact a liability attorney in Philadelphia to take legal action.

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