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Parties Responsible for Pedestrians' Injuries in Trip and Fall Accidents on a Public Sidewalk

Trip and fall accidents on sidewalks, also known as premises liability cases, happen often and can lead to serious injuries. If the fall is caused by a dangerous condition on the sidewalk, such as a hole or significantly uneven sidewalk, then legal options are available to the injured pedestrian.

In sidewalk trip and fall cases, the analysis often begins with identifying the responsible parties.

If a pedestrian is walking and falls on a public sidewalk in front of a house, the owner of that house is likely a responsible party. In Pennsylvania, a property owner has a duty to take care of and maintain the sidewalk in front of the house in safe and good condition.

Once it is determined that the property owner is a responsible party, the analysis does not end there.  Another party may be secondarily liable for injuries suffered by the pedestrian due to the dangerous condition on the sidewalk. This is often seen in situations where the trip and fall accident happens on a sidewalk in Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania courts have held that that a municipality may be held secondarily liable. [1]

The City of Philadelphia has a duty to police the streets and see to it that property owners keep them in safe condition. Therefore, when a pedestrian falls on a dangerous sidewalk under a home owner's control, the city may be secondarily liable because it neglected to perform its duty of policing the streets and seeing to it that the property owners keep them in safe condition.

There are still other parties that may be responsible for the injuries sustained by the pedestrian on a dangerous sidewalk, such as a water company or gas company that was performing work on the sidewalk.

It is important to speak to an experienced premises liability personal injury lawyer about your trip and fall accident. Each case is different and a Philadelphia PA & NJ trip and fall personal injury lawyer can discuss your rights and legal options. If you were injured in a trip and fall accident on a sidewalk, call 877.944.8396 for a free no obligation consultation.

**DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide legal advice. Every case is unique and it is crucial to get a qualified, expert legal opinion prior to making any decisions about your case.

[1] Walker v. Eleby, 57 Pa. 104 (2004), Sherman v. City of Philadelphia, 745 A.2d 95 (Pa.Cmwlth. 2000), Reid v. City of Philadelphia, 904 A.2d 54 (Pa.Cmwlth. 2006).

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