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Liable Parties In PA Or NJ Industrial Machinery Accident Cases

It is not uncommon for machinery used in an industry to be very old.  Some machines are 50 years old, 80 years old or even older. In these situations, what frequently happens is that over the course of the machine's lifetime, the machine has been reengineered, rebuilt or redesigned. Typically, an outside engineering firm, contractor or even the original manufacturer is brought in to do the redesign and rebuild work.

industrial machinery accidentWhen this is done, it often raises very important safety issues and safety concerns for the users of the machine.  There is a perfect opportunity when the machine is rebuilt or reengineered to bring it up to the highest safety standards that exist at that time and not at the time the machine was originally built.

For that reason, it is very important that an investigation begins promptly when someone suffers a serious injury on industrial machinery.  The machine's history must be taken so the responsible parties that played a role in the condition of the machine at the time of the accident may be identified.  Further, these parties' involvement with the machine and their potential legal liability for the accident can be analyzed and evaluated well before the statute of limitations expires.

If you were injured in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey industrial machinery accident, contact our lawyers, who have helped numerous injured workers, to discuss your legal rights.

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*Published: 10/20/2012

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