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PA & NJ Sports Accidents & Injuries - Who Pays For Medical Expenses?

Today, children participate in organized sports or play school sports at a much younger age.  According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), participation in organized sports has been on the rise. Nearly 30 million children and adolescents participate in youth sports in the U.S.

With more children and adolescents playing sports, there is also an increase of sports injuries among children and young adolescents in the U.S., including PA and NJ. 

The CDC reports that in 2009, more than 7,100 children ages 0-19 were treated in hospital emergency departments for sports and recreation-related injuries each day.  In addition, there were many more injuries treated in doctor's offices and clinics that were not included in the statistics.

If sports injuries sustained by children are serious and require extensive medical treatments, parents often worry about their children's medical bills.  In addition, some injuries may affect the children's health for the rest of their lives, such as spinal cord injuries, joint injuries or traumatic brain injuries.

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Paying for Medical Bills

Though children's medical bills resulting from sports injuries in PA or NJ are generally covered by health insurance, the cost of health insurance is on the rise, and there are other medical costs associated even though there is health insurance.

For example, many health insurance plans require covered members to pay co-pays.  Though a doctor's visit is covered by a health insurance plan, there may be a $35, $50 or a higher co-pay for the visit. 

In addition, many health insurance plans have deductibles that must be paid by the members first before coverage kicks in.  Because of the increased costs of health insurance plans, many families may opt for a plan with a higher deductible in exchange for a lower premium.  Also, coverage may not be available if treatment is with an "out-of-network" medical provider.  In situations like this, parents would have to pay for the entire amount of treatment, which can be very expensive.

Recovery Of Medical Bills From Schools Or Sport Organizations

If a child's sports injury is due to the negligence of a school, coach or sport organization, co-pays and deductibles may be recovered from the school or sport organization by filing a personal injury lawsuit alleging that the child's sports accident and injuries in PA or NJ were caused by the school, coach or sport organization.

In addition to recovering medical expenses, a child may also be able to recover pain and suffering as a result of the sports injury.

The minor child does not file the lawsuit; rather, the minor child's parent(s) or natural guardian(s) must file the lawsuit on behalf of the child.  If the PA or NJ sports injury lawsuit is successful, the child will receive a financial recovery, settlement or award. 

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