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Settling A PA & NJ Personal Injury Lawsuit – Understanding Your Future Medical Prognosis

We have helped many victims injured in various types of accidents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to recover for the injuries and damages related to their accidents.  Such accidents include:

  • car, bus or truck accidents,
  • trip, slip and fall accidents,
  • dog bite/attacks, and
  • sports injury accidents.

Many of my clients want to know how fast their cases will be resolved.  Some want to resolve their cases as soon as possible and may want to accept the first settlement offers from the defendants (individuals or companies they are suing) prematurely.  This is a mistake, and I often talk to my clients about why settling their cases too early can be a mistake.

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Injured victims should not settle their cases until they understand their future medical prognosis.  Consider the following example of a car accident victim settling his case too early: A PA driver is involved in a multi-vehicle crash on the PA Turnpike.  He fractures his right wrist.  As a result, he needs surgery in the right wrist.  The surgery goes well, and he is on his way to recovery and needs 3 months physical therapy.

Before his physical therapy is completed, the defendant (driver who caused the accident) offers to settle the case for $25,000.  The injured driver wants to take the offer because he just wants to put the accident behind him. 

In this situation, the injured driver should wait until he completes his physical therapy and sees an orthopedic hand doctor for a follow-up to make sure his wrist is healed completely.  I have seen so many clients who think they are on their way to recovery develop new problems or complications.  For example, the driver may start to develop problems in his left hand due to overuse.  The driver is right handed and could not use his right hand because of the fracture.  The injured driver had no choice but to use his left hand all the time.  His left hand starts to get pain and numbness at the end of each day.   As a result, he needs to get physical therapy in his left hand as well.

Another common scenario is if the fracture in the right hand is not healing properly.  The driver may then need to get a second surgery to fix the fracture.

In both of these 2 scenarios, if the driver settled the case before knowing the extent of his injuries, he cannot come back later and sue for the damages for the subsequent physical therapy to his left hand or the second surgery to his right hand.  Once a case is settled, it is over.  Therefore, we need to be sure that all of the damages and injuries from the accident are included in settlement negotiations. 

Help After A PA Or NJ Accident

If you were injured in PA or NJ as a result of an accident, whether it is a car accident, slip and fall or a workplace accident, call Daniel J. O’Brien, Esq.  Mr. O’Brien has helped countless accident victims in PA and NJ recover the financial compensation they are entitled to. Call today for a FREE consultation. 877.944.8396

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