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Motorcycle Accident Overview (Part A)

As Labor Day approaches, motorcycle season is slowly winding down, which means that a number of riders will be planning trips for the holiday weekend. Therefore, motorists need to be especially careful while driving on interstate highways. At this time of year, it is common to hear about many motorcycle accidents in the Philadelphia area.

If you are involved in a Labor Day motorcycle accident, you should immediately get the help of a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney. An attorney can investigate your motorcycle accident, and explain your legal options for seeking compensation from those responsible.

Motorcycle Accident Risks

Motorcycle riders face greater risks than any other motorists on the road. This is because motorcycles offer little protection against serious injuries in the event of a crash. According to statistics, in about two-thirds of motorcycle accidents that involved another vehicle, the accident was caused due to the negligence of the other vehicle's driver.

Another shocking statistic states that motorcyclists are nearly 26 times more likely to die in a crash than someone in an automobile. Therefore, if you plan to ride a motorcycle this Labor Day weekend, or plan to drive at all, you need to be especially careful. 

Some of the most common dangers to motorcyclists include:

  • Poor visual recognition - because motorcycles are smaller than all other vehicles on the road, they are less likely to be seen by other drivers. This is especially true at intersections, which is where about 70% of motorcycle accidents occur. 
  • Road hazards - potholes, oil slicks, puddles, and debris are notorious for causing motorcycle accidents in Philadelphia. Everyone must be careful of these hazards this coming Labor Day weekend. 

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