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Work Injuries and Depression After Construction Accident in New Jersey (Part A)

When you've suffered an injury at an industrial site or in a construction accident in New Jersey, and are dealing with the impact it's had on your life, depression can silently creep in. A Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a construction lawyer at White & Williams LLP can help you seek compensation for your mental suffering as a result of your injuries.

Depression after Construction Accident in New Jersey

When someone has been seriously injured, their whole world may be shaken, especially when they're not able to return to work or the same lifestyle they once enjoyed. Mental anguish and the dark cloud of depression can quickly take its toll on a person's well-being and sense of purpose.

You can be in the midst of a happy life and satisfying career path when you're suddenly thrown off-course by an industrial site or construction accident. In New Jersey, many people who've experienced a serious injury find they need to seek professional mental help to deal with the pain and loss they've experienced.

Several things may contribute to post-work accident depression, such as:

  • physical pain and chronic discomfort;
  • medication side effects;
  • an inability to continue employment or the same field of work;
  • financial strain over hospital bills and reduced income;
  • overarching stress and anxiety over the injury and its impact; and
  • feeling like your life plan has been thwarted and feeling unsure about the future. 

Getting Help for Depression

Depression is a dangerous and debilitating disorder
than can spiral out of control without intervention. A mental health care provider will be able to help you lay out a plan for recovery and for working through your inner turmoil. Trying to maintain hope for the future and knowing that you're not alone in this can help alleviate some of your struggle.

Likewise, for workers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a construction lawyer can also provide hope; an attorney can pursue financial compensation for your emotional damages, beyond what a worker's comp claim may have accounted.

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