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Why Do Products Fail? By a New Jersey Defective Products Liability Lawyer

Each day, we unwittingly put our lives and our children's lives at risk. Our health and well being literally depend on products made half way across the world by companies which have one single goal in mind - profits.

In the last two or three years, I have seen case after case of product failure. Most dangerous product cases are due to defective design or a simple manufacturing error. In some instances, a failure to warn is the basis of a product liability claim. In other words, the manufacturer warnings simply do not provide enough information about how to operate the product. However, cases based solely on a failure to warn theory are increasingly rare.

People often ask me why I think products fail. In my view, products fail for two main, but interconnected reasons: first, an increased demand for cheaper products and second, innovation without proper quality control.

Our demand for cheaper products means that product manufacturers and companies must look for the cheapest subparts and component parts to make their products. Companies are always looking for ways to maximize profit. That means that one day a certain product might be made with one kind of screw and another, cheaper, low quality screw tomorrow.

Again, because companies are always looking for ways to maximize profits, they are constantly adopting new design techniques, on top of adopting new, cheaper materials. Pushing profits means that a company may be willing to implement a new technique or process without fully understanding how the end product is affected. After all, companies have one simple duty, and that is to maximize profits. The recent Sunland peanut butter recall and investigation by the FDA has revealed systematic problems at Sunland since 2009. Read more about the Sunland peanut butter recall here.

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