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Injured During an Assault at a New Jersey Bar or Nightclub? - What You Should Know About New Jersey Law

Under New Jersey law, property owners or business owners do not have to guarantee safety of patrons and invitees. As a general rule, however, they are simply required to take reasonable steps to prevent accidents and injuries to persons who are lawfully on their property. This is the case in security or negligent security situations at bars and nightclubs in New Jersey. Assaults, sexual assaults, robberies and other physical attacks may be caused by inadequate security, improper lighting or design of the building or other such inadequate conditions of the premises. These types of incidents occur at bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, motels and even rental homes or condos.

Under New Jersey law, bars and nightclubs have a duty to exercise reasonable care to provide a reasonably safe bar or nightclub. Such establishments' owners and operators must take reasonable steps to protect patrons from injury by certain individuals or from certain activity at the establishment that the owner/operator could have reasonably foreseen. Factors such as prior criminal activity in or around the establishment, the size and location of the establishment, whether or not there was adequate security, the design of the establishment, the size of the parking lot, and lighting issues are all important to consider in situations involving injuries at bars due to criminal activity.

A popular reality television show highlights nightlife at the Jersey shore. MTV's Jersey Shore showcases young adults living at the shore during the summer and of course, includes their activities at local bars and nightclubs. In a few episodes, some of the young adults get drunk and then fight either with each other or with other bar or nightclub patrons. This type of occurrence offers an example of a bar or nightclub's liability for foreseeable criminal activity.
Imagine a nightclub fight at one of the establishments showcased in the Jersey Shore. The injured victim gets attacked by one or more drunk patrons and suffers serious, life-altering injuries. The question of whether the nightclub could have reasonably foreseen such criminal activity depends on factors such as number of security present, previous assaults, lighting, etc. Video footage of prior incidents, reported or unreported, will lend support to the argument that the nightclub should have foreseen such criminal activity. Jersey Shore episodes could be relevant to demonstrate such prior incidents.

Injuries which occur at a bar or nightclub, which are due to criminal conduct of others, can be catastrophic and may include broken bones or a serious head injury. If you or someone you love has been hurt at a bar or nightclub due to an assault or criminal conduct of others, contact the Pennsylvania and New Jersey experienced premises liability lawyers at White and Williams. We've handled premises liability cases and achieved much success. We serve accident victims in all areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and always offer a free consultation. 1-877-944-8396

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