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Crane Accidents At NJ & PA Construction Sites - What You Need To Know About Inspections

On almost any construction site, cranes play a significant role in the construction project.  However, cranes can also pose significant safety hazards if they are not operated or maintained properly. 

In order to minimize the risk of injuries, OSHA has set crane inspection guidelines such as:

  • preinspection and crane setup,
  • frequent inspection, and
  • periodic inspection.

Preinspection And Crane Setup

Typically, this happens before the inspection of the crane actually takes place.  A qualified inspector should question the operator about his/her qualifications to operate the crane.

Some of the other things the inspector should do are:

  • check the crane's stability,
  • ensure that there are no obstructions that can interfere with the crane's operation, and
  • check that a minimum distance is maintained between the crane and electrical hazards.

Frequent Inspections

Once preinspection is done, frequent inspections should be done in order to reduce the risk of injury.  Depending on its use, frequent inspections can be daily, weekly or monthly. It should be done prior to the use of the crane.

Safety hazards that are looked at during inspection often have a direct correlation to the safety of the crane while in operation such as how it swivels, how it moves or whether there is proper lubrication.

Periodic Inspections

In addition to frequent inspections, periodic inspections should also be conducted every few months.  The periodic inspections assess the structural wear, maintenance and any parts that need to be replaced or repaired.

It is not only important to maintain the crane, but to specifically maintain the crane to the manufacturer's specifications.

Injuries Happen When Proper Inspections Are Not Conducted

When inspections are not properly done, crane accidents can happen, which often result in injuries to construction workers. 

Common crane accidents due to improper or lack of inspection are:

  • the crane tipping over while in operation,
  • a chain or cable snapping off from the crane, or
  • obstructions interfering with the crane's operation.

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