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What Happens In A Dog Bite Case In PA Or NJ?

Dog bites and attack injuries are often disfiguring or in the worst cases, deadly. What many people don't know is that dog bite/attack injuries may be covered by the owner's homeowners insurance, renters insurance or a commercial insurance policy.  

In lawsuits in NJ and PA, the following are the steps which are taken to obtain financial recovery for the seriously injured dog bite or attack victim.

1. Written notification to the dog owner to notify the insurance carrier

2. Written notification to the property owner to notify the insurance carrier

3. Obtain public records of the dog, the attack and any prior attacks

  • police reports
  • animal control reports
  • local and county health department records
  • dog license records
  • court records

4. Obtain medical records and bills

  • EMT/ambulance records
  • emergency room
  • hospital records
  • plastic surgeon/orthopedic records

5. Investigation

  • dog's history (breeders, trainers, prior owner, veterinarian)
  • dog owner
  • property owner
  • witnesses

6. Quantify damages

  • past and future medical bills
  • past and future lost wages
  • past and future pain and suffering (pictures of the injuries)

7. File the lawsuit in:

  • the county where the incident occurred,
  • a county where any one of the defendants resides, or
  • in NJ, the county where the plaintiff lives.

8. Engage in discovery

  • Interrogatories/Requests for Production of Documents
  • Depositions

9. Obtain expert reports

  • dog behavior
  • dog training
  • dog breeding
  • medical experts to discuss prognosis and long term medical treatment

10. Trial/Settlement

For more information about dog bite laws in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, visit our dog bite page.  

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a dog attack in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, contact our injury and dog bite lawyers.  Our firm spares no expense in the prosecution of these kinds of cases.  877.944.8396


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