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PA Car Accident Lawyer Settles Philadelphia Drunk Driving Accident Case

We can practice safe driving, but unfortunately, we cannot control other drivers on PA highways and roads.  This is especially true in drunk driving accidents, and we recently helped an innocent driver who had no idea that he was about to be injured in a Philadelphia drunk driving car accident.

Our client was traveling northbound on I-95 in Philadelphia on his way home from work when out of nowhere, the at-fault driver drove into the rear of his vehicle at 55 mph.  The other driver (defendant) was drunk and had a blood alcohol concentration of .18, more than two times the legal limit.  He was arrested at the scene and put in jail.

Immediately after the collision, our client suffered back pain and headaches.  He was taken by ambulance from the scene to a hospital in Northeast Philadelphia where he underwent numerous imaging studies.  He was treated and told to follow-up with his doctors.

Despite extensive physical therapy, our client’s lower back pain steadily worsened and he began to have pain that radiated into his legs.  He also had numerous injections to help alleviate the pain in his lower back and leg, but he did not respond to the epidural injections. 

During this period of time, our client continued to go to work despite the pain. He has two young daughters, and staying home is simply not an option. As time went on, the low back and leg pain had gotten extremely bad. The doctors recommended that he have surgery on his back.  As a result, he underwent a laminectomy, discectomy at the L5-S1 level in his spine.  A laminectomy is the removal of the lamina, which is the spongy tissue between the spinal disks, to help relieve the symptoms of an injured disk. A discectomy is the removal of an injured disk.

Our client was working as a car salesman for a Volvo dealer at the time of the accident. His commute was more than one hour each way. The long drive and constantly getting in and out of cars at work greatly aggravated his back and the symptoms steadily worsened. After he had surgery on his back, he did not return to the car sales job. He wanted to avoid the long drive and the strain to his back from getting in and out of cars.  As a result, he had to find another job that put far less strain on his back.

Ultimately, we were able to settle the case for a 6-figure settlement. 

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