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PA Dangerous Products Law: Table Saw Injuries Due to Inadequate Instruction & Defective Design

Many consumers are injured by defective or recalled products.  When consumer products are defective, injured consumers may be entitled to receive financial compensation for their damages and injuries from the manufacturers.

In order to prevail in a PA dangerous products case or a products liability case, the injured consumer must prove:

  • the product was defective,
  • the defect in the product caused the consumer’s injuries and accident, and
  • the consumer sustained damages and injuries.

There are different ways a product can be defective, such as:

  • design defect,
  • manufacturing defect, and
  • failure to warn/inadequate instructions.

A design defect occurs when a product contains a component or feature that makes it unsafe for its intended use or anticipated use.  It could also be defective if the product lacks any feature necessary to make it safe.

A manufacturing defect occurs when something goes wrong during the making of the product.  For example, a wrong type of material was used to make the seat part of a chair.  The material is defective because it is not strong enough to hold a lot of weight.  Therefore, when a consumer sits on it, the chair seat breaks, and the consumer falls.

Failure to warn occurs when there are inadequate instructions or warnings about the product’s potentially hazardous conditions.  Warnings must be clear and understood by the consumers.

When a product is defective, it can be defective in more than 1 way.  It could have a design defect and also inadequate instructions. 

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A Defective Table Saw – Design Defect and Failure to Warn

We represented a man in his dangerous products case against a table saw manufacturer and were able to help him recover financial compensation for his injuries.  As a result of the accident, our client lost the tip of his index finger while using a table saw.  See A Dangerous Products Case Settles Favorably For A Client Injured By A Table Saw.

We were able to show that the table saw was defective in its design and also lacked proper instructions.  The table saw was defective in its design because a guard on the table saw becomes misaligned during use, creating a dangerous condition for the user.  The table saw can get jammed, and the user’s fingers can come into contact with the blade of the table saw.

In addition, the table saw lacked adequate instruction.  The operating manual instructed the user on how to properly align the guard; however, when following the directions, misalignment occurs.  Therefore, when a consumer follows the operating instructions, they are at risk of getting hurt and having their fingers come into contact with the table saw blade.  Product instructions should protect consumers from injury, not expose them to injury.

The law holds product manufacturers accountable for injuries caused by defective products.  Injured consumers can recover the following damages in a dangerous products injury lawsuit in PA:

  • past/future medical expenses,
  • past/future lost wages,
  • out of pocket expenses, and
  • pain and suffering.

Help After Being Injured By A Dangerous Consumer Product

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