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PA & NJ Sports Accident Injuries – Can You Sue?

The risk of injury is inherent in playing any sport in PA and NJ.  This is especially true for contact sports such as football and soccer.  When athletes get hurt during a game or practice, they may think that it is just part of the game and don’t give it another thought.  However, some sports accident injuries are preventable.  Because they are preventable, injured athletes may have legal rights against responsible parties.  Preventable sports accident injuries are generally caused by someone or an organization’s negligence.  Possible liable parties include coaches, schools and/or sport organizations.  This article will provide an example of a sports injury case in PA or NJ.

PA Sports Accident Example - After School Sport Program

Many elementary schools in Pennsylvania offer after school sport programs.  The programs are often open to kids ranging from kindergarten to third grade.  In a particular after school sport program focusing on basketball, a 5 year old kindergartener is hurt during a scrimmage.  Another player runs and bumps into the 5 year old when trying to get the ball from the 5 year old.  The player on the other team is a 9 year old third grader, who is much bigger and taller than the 5 year old.  As a result of the impact, the 5 year old fractures his arm after falling to the floor.  The 9 year old did not have any injuries.

In such a case, the coach and the after school sport program may be liable for the accident.  The theory of liability is that the players should have been segregated by their age. 5 year olds should have been playing with other 5 or 6 years olds and not 9 year olds during the scrimmage. 

When there is a big size difference between players, the risk of the smaller kids getting hurt is quite high.  Coaches need to separate the players.  Had the kids been separated, the 5 year old would probably not have been hurt.

The 5 year old may be able to recover financial compensation from the coach/sport organization for his injuries in a subsequent PA sports injury lawsuit.

Help After A PA Or NJ Sports Accident

If you or a loved one sustained a sports related injury due to someone’s negligence, call the lawyers at White and Williams to explore your legal rights.  Our PA and NJ sports injury lawyers offer FREE consultations.  877.944.8396

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