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PA Law on Non-Bite Dog Injury Cases - Cyclists Injured Due to Unleashed Dogs

There are often more cyclists and bikers riding their bikes during the summer months.  As a result, cyclists and bikers are also more likely to encounter threatening dogs or unleashed dogs on the streets.

A situation that often happens is when a dog runs into the street and causes a non-bite dog injury case.  One scenario involves a dog colliding with a cyclist and causing the rider to fall off the bike, which causes a serious injury.  Another scenario involves a rider who tries to avoid colliding with a dog and gets injured as a result.

Cyclists who get hurt in the above situations may be able recover for their injuries under Pennsylvania's "leash law," which requires dogs to be under proper and adequate control of the owner.

In other words, the dog needs to be:

  • confined to an owner’s property; or
  • maintained within reasonable control of the owner or another person.

The issue in non-bite dog injury cases is whether the dog owner exercised reasonable control of the dog.  In order to determine whether the dog owner exercised reasonable control of the dog, all of the facts and details of the situation must be analyzed.  It is a case by case determination.

Therefore, if you were involved in a non-bite dog injury case in Pennsylvania, it is important that you speak to a Pennsylvania dog bite injury lawyer who is well versed in Pennsylvania dog law.  Feel free to contact our lawyers for more information.

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*Published: 8-16-12

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