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PA Recreational Accidents – Dangers Of Inflatable Rides (Bounce Houses, Moon Bounces)

Inflatable rides such as moon bounces, bounce houses and slides are very popular with little kids.  They allow kids to jump inside the huge inflatable houses and go down on the inflatable slides.  They provide hours of fun for kids.  However, this recreational activity may also result in accidents if the inflatable rides are set up improperly, and children may be seriously injured.

In the news recently, there were 2 incidents where bounce houses at different events flew away with children still in them.  The children were thrown from the bounce houses while they were in the air, and some were seriously injured.  See PA Child Injury Accidents – Two Recent Fly Away Inflatable Bounce House Accidents.

Who Is Responsible For The Children's Injuries?

If children are injured while in the bounce houses or on inflatable rides such as a slide, different parties may be responsible depending on the circumstances surrounding the accidents.

Establishments With Moon Bounces

If you have young kids, you probably have been to a birthday party at an establishment with numerous bounce rides, such as slides, climbing structures, houses, etc.  Two of the most common reasons for child injuries at these places are inadequate staffing and improper staff training.

Most of the bounce structures have a weight limit and only a certain number of kids can go in.  An employee from the establishment is supposed to guard the entrance of each ride and make sure that the number of kids in a ride, such as a house, does not exceed the limit.  However, most of the employees are teenagers, and many may not pay attention to see how many kids are in a moon bounce house. 

If the bounce house collapsed because too many kids were in it and the kids inside were injured, the establishment may be held responsible for the kids’ injuries.  The argument is that the employee was supposed to watch the kids and make sure that the ride did not exceed maximum capacity.  Because the employee was not paying attention, and therefore, negligent, the kids got hurt.

Special Events (Carnivals Or Community Events) With Moon Bounces

Many communities have special events such as community day for Halloween, July 4th, etc., where residents can enjoy food and play games.  One of the rides that is often at community events is an inflatable ride such as the bounce house or a slide.  When kids are hurt on these rides at community events, there are 2 possible liable parties:

  • the event organizer, and/or
  • the company that provided the inflatable rides.

If the event organizer was provided with proper instructions on how to set up the rides but did not follow the instructions, i.e., improperly securing the ride, the ride may become unstable and fly away when there is a gust of wind.  If a child was on the ride when the ride flew away causing the child to fall off the ride, the event organizer may be liable because it negligently set up the ride.

If the company that provided the ride was supposed to set up the ride, but didn’t do so properly, it may be held responsible.  Alternatively, the company may be liable if it failed to provide instructions or provided inadequate instructions.

Help After Being Injured On An Inflatable Ride

If your child was injured while playing in a bounce house or riding an inflatable ride, call Daniel J. O’Brien, a PA and NJ recreational accident lawyer to inquire about your child’s legal rights.  Your child shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone’s negligence.  Call 877.944.8396 to schedule a FREE consultation.

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