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Slip & Fall Accidents On "Black Ice" In PA - Who Is Responsible?

There have been many predictions about this year's winter weather.  We are apparently in for a long, stormy winter.  Snow storms and icy conditions also mean slip and fall accidents.

In the winter, many slip and fall accidents happen because of "black ice," which is often found in parking lots of apartment complexes or public establishments, such as restaurants or malls.

Owners or management companies of apartments and public establishments have the duty to protect their tenants and customers from dangerous tripping/slipping hazards such as snow and ice.  Therefore, they have a duty to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice within a reasonable time.

"Black ice" typically forms after snow melts, and then re-freezes overnight. For property owners to be responsible for a pedestrian's injuries, there has to be notice of the dangerous condition.

For example, if there is an area that always re-freezes after snow melts because of a poor drainage system, then the owners would have ample notice of the problem.  The owners would need to apply salt in the well-known "problem area" carefully and appropriately to prevent injuries to pedestrians.

Therefore, removal of snow is not enough.  The owners also need to salt the areas where "black ice" typically forms.

Falling on ice typically leads to the following injuries:

  • fractured ankle;
  • fractured wrist;
  • fractured hip; or
  • fractured shoulder.

Further, injured pedestrians often lose time from work and also have numerous medical expenses, i.e., prescription costs, co-pays, surgery expenses, or even medical equipment, such as a brace, crutches or a walker.

Help After Slipping & Falling On Ice In Pennsylvania & New Jersey

If you slipped and fell on ice and have questions about your accident, contact our slip and fall injury lawyers.  We have helped many injured pedestrians in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

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