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PA Slip & Fall Accidents Due To Snow And Ice Increase In The Winter

Hospitals in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs in Pennsylvania often see more patients in the winter due to slip and fall accidents on ice and snow.  Though there has not been a lot of snow in the region this winter compared to last year, there have been icy conditions on the sidewalks and roads due to freezing rain and low temperatures.  For the Good Samaritan Health System in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, falls on ice account for a high number of emergency room visits in the winter.  *Source: www.ldnews.com (Good Samaritan Hospital sees increase in winter-related injuries)

With another round of snow coming tonight into tomorrow, no doubt, more people will be visiting hospitals due to slip and fall accidents on snow and ice.

Common injuries from falls on ice and snow include:

  • bruising,
  • soft tissue injuries,
  • fractures of hands, wrists, arms, ankles, legs and hips,
  • back injuries,
  • head injuries, and
  • dislocations.

Homeowners and businesses have a duty to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice after a snow storm.  They do not have to immediately remove the snow, but they do have to do so within a reasonable period.  Townships and cities may have their own ordinances as to when the snow has to be removed.  In addition, some ordinances provide how the sidewalk should be cleared in terms of the path's width.  For example, the Philadelphia city ordinance requires that a path has to be cleared to no less than 3 feet.  Therefore, if a pedestrian slipped and fell on a sidewalk with a cleared path of only 1 foot in width, he may be able to recover damages for his injuries.

See Preventing Slip-Fall Accidents In Philadelphia: An Owner’s Duty To Remove Snow & Ice On Sidewalks

If homeowners and businesses do not remove the snow and ice and a pedestrian slips and falls, they may be responsible for the pedestrian's accident and injuries.

The pedestrian may file a slip and fall accident lawsuit against the homeowner or business owner.  Depending on where the accident happened, the lawsuit would be filed in the county where the accident happened or where the responsible party resides or does business.  Therefore, if a pedestrian falls in front of a retail store in Center City Philadelphia, he would file a slip and fall accident lawsuit in Philadelphia County.

The damages the injured pedestrian may recover are the following:

  • past and future medical expenses,
  • past and future lost wages,
  • out of pocket expenses, and
  • pain and suffering.

In addition, if the pedestrian is married, his or her spouse may also have a loss of consortium claim against the responsible party. See What Is A Loss Of Consortium Claim In A PA Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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