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Pennsylvania Dangerous Products Lawyer Discusses What You Can Do About Product Recalls

Dangerous products are everywhere. From food contamination of both human and pet food to children's toys and clothes, products can cause serious injury. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is excellent at sending out recall notices. However, by the time a consumer actually becomes aware of a product recall, it may be too late.

In Pennsylvania, if you were injured by a defective product, you must be able to prove that the defective product caused injury and the defect was present at the time it was sold. In general, dangerous products cases depend on establishing that a product was defective. That is usually the key issue in these cases.

Recalls, in and of themselves, do not prove that a defect caused injury. However, recalls can be very helpful in providing information about the product, such as mechanical issues like fire or explosion hazards. Recalls can also provide information directly from the manufacturer, such as how, when and where the product was manufactured. These are all important details in a products liability action.

In order to receive recall notices and increase knowledge about them, consumers should follow these basic steps:

1. Fill out and send in all product registration forms.

2. Sign up for product recall notices on Google or other search engines.

3. Sign up for product recall notices on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

4. Large retail stores often have information about products they sell which have been recalled. Some notices are posted in the stores themselves or on stores' websites.

5. Once you learn of a recall, spread the news via email, etc.

Injury prevention begins with awareness. Especially when dealing with dangerous products, it is important to have access to recall notices and also spread the word. For more information about what makes a product defective under Pennsylvania law, click here.

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Pennsylvania Dangerous & Defective Products Lawyer

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