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PA Trip & Fall Accident Case At A Pennsylvania Drug Store

Trip and fall accidents are quite common in Pennsylvania.  Many trip and fall accidents happen on sidewalks in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, and other trip and fall accidents happen in businesses such as retail stores or restaurants.  When a pedestrian on a sidewalk or a patron in a store is injured due to a trip and fall accident, the person responsible for maintaining the sidewalk or the retail store may be responsible for the pedestrian or customer's injuries.

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We recently settled a PA trip and fall accident case where we represented a man who was injured in a local pharmacy store in Pennsylvania.  My client was going to pick up some over the counter medicine in the pharmacy store.  As he was walking through the store looking for the medicine, he tripped over a dismantled display shelf that had been carelessly left on the floor at the end of an aisle.  My client tripped on the shelf and fell to the ground.  As a result, he hit his forehead on the floor and sustained multiple injuries.

After the fall, my client was disoriented and bleeding heavily from the head.  When he tried to get up, a manager came over to help him and stated that this was the second time someone tripped over that particular shelf.

My client's injuries included bruising and swelling in his face, pain over his right eye, phlegm in both eyes, lightheadedness, as well as pain in his jaw, back, right elbow and both knees due to his fall.  In addition, due to the laceration above his right eyebrow, my client began developing a significantly noticeable protrusion after the laceration healed.  As a result, he had to get surgery to remove the mass.

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Stores open to the public have a duty to protect their customers from unreasonably dangerous conditions in the stores.  If a customer is injured due to an unreasonably dangerous condition, the store may be liable for the customer's injuries and damages.

In my client's case, not only did the store not protect its customers from unreasonably dangerous conditions, it actually created a dangerous condition, i.e., leaving the dismantled shelf on the floor.  Further, the store knew about the dangerous condition because the manager said that it happened to another customer prior to my client's fall.  What the store should have done was remove the dismantled shelf from the aisle after the first customer tripped over it.

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