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Common Factors in a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Claim (Part A)

Hundreds of thousands of slip and fall accidents occur each year in the U.S., some of which cause terrible injuries. If you're looking to file a Pennsylvania slip and fall claim for your injuries, you'll want to contact a slip and fall firm in Philadelphia to learn exactly how to proceed.

When making a claim for a slip and fall accident, there are 2 major factors that you and your attorney will have to consider:

  • how you're classified in the eyes of the court; and
  • whether or not the property owner was liable for the accident.


How People Are Classified in Slip and Fall Accidents

Under the law, a property owner's duty to you depends upon how you're classified as an entrant onto the property.

An entrant (the plaintiff in a Pennsylvania slip and fall claim) can be classified in 1 of 3 ways:

  • Invitees - Someone who's been invited onto the premises, including customers of stores, is considered an invitee; owners have a great legal duty to keep invitees safe. 
  • Licensees - A person who enters a property with permission on behalf of his or her own benefit (not that of the owner) is considered a licensee; property owners have a duty to inform the entrant of dangerous conditions but no obligation to fix the situation. 
  • Trespassers - Entering the land without the owner's permission qualifies the entrant as a trespasser; the owner has no legal obligation to undiscovered trespassers but must warn trespassers of dangerous conditions upon discovery of their presence. 

The rules regarding duties of property owners are slightly more stringent and complicated when children are involved. Because children are sometimes drawn to and unaware of dangerous conditions, owners have a higher responsibility to ensure the premises are safe.

It's a good idea to contact a slip and fall firm in Philadelphia about your accident to see if the owner can be held liable for your injuries. You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries from the accident.

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