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The Personal Injury Lawyers at White and Williams LLP Declare Client's Bill of Rights

Dan O’Brien and the attorneys who work in the personal injury group at White and Williams LLP have established a “Bill of Rights” for their clients. Dan and his colleagues believe that individuals who suffer injuries due to the careless conduct of others should never suffer the indignity of being treated poorly or ignored by their own attorneys. Dan has therefore established 10 Bill of Rights which he can guarantee for each of his clients. The Bill of Rights are as follows:

 (1)  Our clients have the right to tell their story fully and completely without being constantly interrupted;
 (2)  Our clients have the right to ask any and all questions that are on their mind without being made to feel  rushed;
 (3)  Our clients have the right to receive honest answers to their questions, not a sales pitch.
 (4)  Our clients have the right to be told the truth about the strengths and weaknesses of their case, good, bad or  otherwise;
 (5)  Our clients have the right to “think about it” before committing to hire us to handle their case;
 (6)  Our clients have the right to have their phone calls returned within 24 hours;
 (7)  Our clients have the right to never be asked to lie or to say or do anything that they’ll be ashamed of;
 (8)  Our clients have the right to be treated as valued clients, not as a nuisance;
 (9)  Our clients have the right to be told how much money they will actually receive after legal fees, costs, medical  liens, etc. are deducted from the settlement or verdict amount;
 (10)  Our clients have the right to feel proud of the professionalism and integrity of their attorneys.

To ensure that each of their clients’ rights are protected, Dan and his colleagues make the following promises to each and every one of their clients: We will listen to your story. We will never ask a prospective client to sign a contract or hire us at our first meeting. We will answer your questions honestly, even if the answers are not what you want to hear. We will level with you about your case. We will never string you along if things go bad and we will never sandbag you if your case is strong. We will return your phone calls within 24 hours, guaranteed. We will never ask you to lie. If we find out that you did tell a lie to us or to the other side in the case during a deposition, we will not represent you. We will never ask you to do or say anything that you’ll be ashamed of. We will never treat you like a number. Accident victims get treated like a number by their insurance companies, by doctors’ offices, by defense lawyers and others. Our office is the one place our clients can always count on being treated with respect and dignity.

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