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Get To Know Our Personal Injury Lawyer, Daniel O’Brien, Licensed In PA & NJ (Part 2)

What’s a common misconception about attorneys, or the legal profession?

A lot of people think personal injury lawyers are chronically angry, overly aggressive people who hate businesses and are set on destroying businesses.  There are certainly people in my line of work who fit that mold.  I consider myself to be a nice guy and a business person.  I am a huge fan of small business people who are successful and who run their businesses ethically.  I am certainly not out to destroy anyone’s business.

Do you have any interesting traditions you follow before you enter the courtroom?

I approach the courtroom exactly like I’ve always approached the athletic field.  I get plenty of rest, get proper nutrition and “suit up” before I enter the courtroom. This is the same approach and attitude I have always had before playing sports, whether it is a big baseball or football game.  This is also what I do now before a triathlon.

Is there a particular law you find the most ridiculous or absurd?

Yes, the “limited tort” laws that apply to motor-vehicle accident cases.  The law encourages unsuspecting consumers to sign away their rights to seek justice if they are hurt in car accidents, in exchange for saving a few bucks on their auto-insurance premiums.  The unfairness that results from this really hurts some good, honest people.

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What’s the best piece of free legal advice you can share?

If you get injured in an accident and decide to take legal action, be an informed consumer of legal services.  Do your homework before committing to a lawyer.  We are not all the same.

Before you meet a lawyer, take a look at their websites.  See what kind of law they practice.  You don’t want to hire a lawyer who is not experienced in the type case you have.  For instance, dangerous products cases (product liability cases) are often very complex and may be expensive to litigate.  Not every personal injury lawyer has the experience and/or resources to litigate these types of cases.

You should also take a look at the lawyer’s client reviews.  See what other injured individuals in similar accidents have to say about the lawyer. 

In addition, when you meet a lawyer, they should not be promising you the world and pressuring you to sign a contract. 

See part 1 of this article to learn more about Daniel O’Brien, Esq., a PA and NJ personal injury lawyer.

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