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PA Recreational Accidents & Injuries– Trampolines

One of the popular recreational activities kids like to partake in is jumping on trampolines.  There are trampoline parks all over Pennsylvania, and these parks are usually packed with kids.  In addition, many families have a trampoline in their back yards.  However, these trampolines are also associated with a high risk of injuries.

According to a study cited by the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics, between 2002 and 2011, more than 1 million people went to the emergency room for trampoline related injuries.   Of the 1 million, almost 300,000 people had broken bones. *Source: Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics

Most broken bone injuries occurred in kids, and of those kids, 92.7% of them were ages 16 and younger.  The study also revealed that 95.1% of broken bones or fracture injuries occurred at home. Other trampoline related injuries include head injuries, spinal injuries and organ injuries.

Home Trampoline Injuries

Trampolines have high safety nets that surround the trampoline to prevent jumpers from falling to the ground.  Though a net is a great safety feature, it may also give parents a false sense of security.  Parents do not realize that safety nets cannot prevent all injuries.  For instance, if there are too many people jumping on the trampoline at the same time, injuries can still happen.  Jumpers can fall off the trampoline if the net is not properly zipped up or closed.  In addition, if an inexperienced jumper is attempting to do a riskier jump such as a flip, the jumper can get hurt.

Though home trampolines may provide entertainment and hours of fun for kids, many parents do not know that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) cautioned against home trampoline use in 2012 after it conducted a study on the number and types of trampoline related injuries.

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Liability In Trampoline Accidents & Injuries

If homeowners have trampolines in their homes and allow their kids’ friends to use them, homeowners may be liable for the friend’s trampoline related injuries.

Parents of injured children may file a lawsuit against homeowners if their children are seriously injured in trampoline related accidents.  The theory of liability is that the homeowner was negligent, which resulted in the accident.  For instance, a homeowner may be held liable for a child’s injuries if the homeowner left the child to use the trampoline unsupervised.  If the homeowner is negligent, then the child may financially recover of their damages and injuries.

Help After A PA Trampoline Accident

If your child or a loved one was injured in a trampoline accident, call Daniel J. O’Brien, Esq. at White and Williams LLP to inquire about their legal rights.  Mr. O’Brien is an experienced recreational accident injury lawyer licensed in PA and NJ.  FREE consultations.  877.944.8396

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