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Pennsylvania Construction Accident Injuries: Spondylolysis (Part B)

By law, you can't sue your employer after a Pennsylvania construction accident, but if a third party - such as a manufacturer of heavy machinery or safety equipment - contributes to the cause of the accident through some negligence on its part, then that third party may be held financially liable for damages. If you've been injured in Philadelphia, a construction lawyer can help you.

If a defective piece of equipment or machinery has contributed to your spondylolysis, you may be eligible for damages beyond Workers' Compensation through a third party option.

Treatment Options for Spondylolysis 

Because the back is a sensitive area with so many nerves, doctors usually begin with nonsurgical treatment options for spondylolysis. In many cases, the bones will heal after enough rest, so braces work well to stabilize the fracture so that it may heal properly.

Depending on the specific details of your injury
, you may be:  

  • placed in a back brace for several months;
  • prescribed anti-inflammation medication;
  • prescribed pain medication; and
  • ordered to abstain from activities that require bending your back.


In most cases, physicians also recommend physical therapy to patients afflicted with spondylolysis. Certain exercises will help to ease the stiffness or discomfort of your symptoms and strengthen your back muscles so that they will properly support the postures that will facilitate your recovery.

In most cases, surgery is not required, but in the occasional instance that spondylolysis does not heal overtime from nonsurgical treatments, surgery may be the only option. The 2 most common reasons for surgery are nerve compression and instability in a group of vertebrae.

If a piece of defective equipment or machinery contributed to your injury in Pennsylvania, a construction accident lawyer may be able to help you file a third party injury claim
against the manufacturer responsible for the defect.

Help from a Philadelphia Construction Lawyer

If you have been severely injured in a Pennsylvania construction accident, you shouldn't have to suffer and pay for expensive medical bills that were caused by another person's negligence. Contact a Philadelphia construction lawyer at White & Williams LLP today. We will provide a free, no obligation consultation on your case - 877-944-8396.

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