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When a Defective Stroller Leads to a Pennsylvania Dangerous Product Claim (Part A)

You should speak with a Philadelphia defective product lawyer if your child was seriously injured by a defective stroller. You could be entitled to compensation for your child's injuries through a Pennsylvania dangerous product claim.

Compensation could include the medical expenses related to your child's injuries, and additional damages may be available. A lawyer who handles these types of cases will explain what options are at your disposal and what types of compensation you could be entitled to receive.

When a Defective Stroller Leads to Injuries

Just because a product is made for children doesn't always mean that it's safe. The many recalls that have been issued over the years are evidence of this. And it's not just the small companies who are involved; popular manufacturers of children's products have been involved in a multitude of these cases.

What constitutes a defective stroller is when the entire product or a component of the product poses the risk of injury to a child. Some of the types of defects that can be found in a stroller include a faulty hinge, unexpected closing or collapsing of stroller, loose parts, wheel defects, detachment of the carrier, and poor material used. 

These types of defects can lead to injuries such as lacerations, bruising, broken bones and head trauma.
This may lead to the pursuit of a Pennsylvania dangerous product claim. A claim can address the physical injuries suffered, along with the emotional impact it has played on the child and family. Additionally, it can cover the financial burden that has been left.

Contacting a Philadelphia defective product lawyer is the best way to learn if your child's injuries warrant the pursuit of a claim and if you have adequate evidence to make a strong case against the manufacturer or any other party that may be involved.

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