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Serious Injuries or Death from a Defective Crane in Pennsylvania (Part A)

An accident involving a defective crane in Pennsylvania can have disastrous consequences. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a defective crane or some other piece of construction or heavy equipment, contact a Philadelphia injury lawyer who focuses on dangerous product liability and construction accidents.

These potentially dangerous pieces of equipment are present at work sites across the country, and in spite of the severity of these accidents, many of them are preventable.

Risk Factors for Cranes and Other Heavy Machinery

Several key risk factors are associated with these accidents. One of the leading risks is the possibility of a crane tipping over due to poorly designed or shoddily manufactured stabilization mechanisms, such as outriggers. 

In many cases, a tipping crane can be prevented if manufacturers implement a locking system
that would prevent a crane from being operated in instances in which outriggers didn't have full contact with the ground. If that were done, many tipping accidents could be avoided, and most - if not all - would be mitigated to some extent.

Despite the obvious safety benefits, however, some manufacturers outright refuse to include these devices
. The failure to include these devices is a conscious profit-over-safety decision that manufacturers should be held accountable for when accidents that could have been avoided cause serious injury or death.

A Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you've been injured by a defective crane in Pennsylvania, do not delay in seeking help. An attorney can explain to you your options and navigate you and your case through the complex personal injury process.

Remember that not all attorneys are the same, so be sure that you seek legal representation from an attorney who focuses on personal injury cases and has an extensive background in construction accidents and industrial incidents. Contact a Philadelphia injury lawyer today.

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