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Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Claim Evidence (Part A)

You may be able to pursue a Pennsylvania slip and fall claim if you were injured on someone else's property. However, because this type of case can be challenging to prove, you will need substantial evidence. This can be collected with the help of a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer.

Property owners have a responsibility to make sure any known hazards are fixed or otherwise taken care of. When there is a failure to do this, then they can be held liable. Compensation may be available for the injuries you have sustained.

Evidence in a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Claim

Slip and fall accidents are not uncommon, but most of the time they cause only minor, if any, injuries. However, a serious slip or fall could lead to severe injuries, resulting in expensive medical care and treatment.

You could face a long road of recovery and will want to know that your rights are being protected. The damages you have suffered can be addressed through a claim; however, you will have to prove the property owner's liability and the severity of your injuries.

You will first need to provide evidence that demonstrates that a hazardous condition existed, and the property owner should have known about it. Pictures can be very helpful. 

For instance, if you were injured in a parking lot because there wasn't enough lighting and you couldn't see where you were going, you might take pictures of the broken lights.

Or if you were injured after slipping on a wet floor, a picture of the area that was wet (which shows no warning signs were posted) could be used as evidence. Pictures tell a lot, so they can be very helpful in proving your case. Contact a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer who can explain other ways that pictures may be used to help show liability.

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