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Preventing a Winter Slip and Fall in Philadelphia (Part B)

Don’t carry large, bulky or heavy packages when walking on ice or snow. This only increases the risk of a winter slip and fall. If you do find yourself starting to slip, it is best just to drop what is in your arms.

Evidence in a Winter Slip and Fall

Even if you are doing your part, there may be conditions on someone else’s property that are dangerous enough you could become a victim. Sidewalks that haven’t been cleared, steps that are wet from other people’s shoes and icy patches that haven’t been salted are just some examples.

To prove liability, however, you will need adequate evidence, such as a photo. Taking pictures is so much easier today, with most cell phones including a camera.

So for instance, if you slipped on a patch of ice while exiting Independence Hall, it would be important to take a photo of the area where the accident occurred. Or if you were walking through the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the remnants of snow from other people’s shoes left a wet area that caused you to slip, a picture could be extremely helpful.

Besides photos, statements from witnesses and footage from video cameras that may be installed also can help. In addition, you will need to establish the damages you have suffered, so evidence could also include copies of your medical bills and records. A slip and fall lawyer will explain all of the types of evidence that may be necessary if he or she believes negligence can be established. 

When you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a winter slip and fall, you should contact a Philadelphia law firm as soon as possible. A law firm that handles these types of claims will be able to evaluate your case and determine if it is worth pursuing. 

Help from a Philadelphia Law Firm

If you have been severely injured in a winter slip and fall, you shouldn’t have to suffer and pay for expensive medical bills that were caused by another person’s negligence. Contact a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer today. We will provide a free, no obligation consultation on your case – 1-877-944-8396.

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